Z Extra by Zoli

Featuring the same trigger mechanism as the Z Sport, the extra grade offers almost full coverage deep scroll engraving with flower badges. The Z Gun logo inlaid in gold on both action sides stands out very nicely on the french gray finish. All configurations are available from sporting to trap. … Read More

Z Expedition by Zoli

Ready for world travel or the local quail field, the Expedition offers exquisite full coverage deep scroll engraving framing gold game scenes in deep relief (partridge on one side and woodcock on the other) and a french gray finish. … Read More

Z Ambassador SL by Zoli

The AMBASSADOR SL is the flagship of our Z Series offering the ultimate in hand finishing. The EL features a fully hand shaped frame and fences joined to a stock of exhibition Turkish walnut. Fences are fully hand engraved with deep scroll and game scenes and finished in French gray.… Read More

A400 Xtreme by Beretta

Frigid rain, driving sleet, blinding snow and relentless salt spray—hardcore waterfowlers live to hunt in… Read More

Essencia by Krieghoff International

Krieghoff, in partnership with German master gunsmith Jens Ziegenhahn, proudly offers a hand-built shotgun of the highest quality, worthy of the name Krieghoff. Available in 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge, the gun is missing the ornate ‘Continental’ look one might expect from a fourth-generation German gunmaker; instead, its elegant lines more closely resemble traditional British ‘best’ sidelock guns.… Read More

K-80 Pro Sporter by Krieghoff International

Krieghoff’s K-80 Pro Sporter features a new Floating Rib suspended higher above the barrel than conventional Sporting Clays and Skeet competition shotguns. The higher rib design and corresponding higher stock allow shooters to keep their head in a more erect position on the stock, thereby increasing sight range and allowing for quicker target acquisition, reducing neck fatigue, and reducing recoil.… Read More

F3 SuperSport by Allem’s Guncraft

Presented by Allem’s Guncraft is Blaser’s F3 SuperSport. The latest addition to the F3 family… Read More

MX2000S by Allem’s Guncraft

Presented by Allem’s Guncraft is Perazzi’s MX2000S. Custom made stock – Beavertail forend. Small frame… Read More

Fucile by Allem’s Guncraft

Presented by Allem’s Guncraft is Zoli’s Fucile.  Allem’s Guncraft is owned by John and Nancy… Read More

687 EELL Diamond Pigeon by Beretta

One of the most elegant, finely balanced and responsive double barrel shotguns in the world,… Read More

A400 Xcel by Beretta

Your competitors will tremble in fear after catching a glimpse of the tell-tale blue receiver… Read More

Versa Max by Remington

Sportsman at the Fine Arms Invitation will appreciate this teaser as they enter into Duck… Read More

RamSport by Griffin & Howe

Griffin & Howe’s RamSport competition clay gun, Available to shoot. Visit GriffinHowe.com For More  

Boss by Griffin & Howe

Only Available for Display at the Fine Arms Showcase. The most famous patented single trigger system, over… Read More

Jules Bury SLE by Griffin & Howe

Only Available for Display at the Fine Arms Showcase. From Griffin & Howe’s Fine Firearms Find… Read More

Purdey Best SLE by Griffin & Howe

Only Available for Display at the Fine Arms Showcase. From arguably the world’s most prestigious gunmaker Griffin… Read More

AyA Number 1 DeLuxe by Griffin & Howe

Recently Griffin & Howe has partnered with AyA in the US marketing of these fine… Read More

Bertuzzi Zeus by Griffin & Howe

Only Available for Display at the Fine Arms Showcase. Drool over this final example of the… Read More

Blaser F3 by Griffin & Howe

Blaser have partnered with Griffin & Howe since 1999. Griffin & Howe was Blaser’s original Premium… Read More

Summit Impact by Caesar Guerini

Should you adjust to your gun …or should it adjust to you?  The new Summit… Read More

Summit Limited by Caesar Guerini

The Summit Limited embodies all the balance, quick handling and accurate performance qualities of the… Read More

Apex Sport by Caesar Guerini

The same passion for innovation that created the Apex field gun went into the design… Read More

Round Body Game Gun by Griffin & Howe

One of the few side-by-side shotguns featured at the FAI. Classic sidelock ejector gun, beautifully styled… Read More

MARI Elite by Baserri

MARI Elite has Steel Box lock Receiver with Rounded Side-plates. 30” Barrel with .4 inch Top Rib and White mid bead sight and fiber optic front sight. Side Ribs are Ventilated. Receiver is finished in a Silver Nitrite giving a glowing luster to the dual hunting scenes and full engraved Side-plates. Grade 2.5 European Walnut Stock and matching fore-end that has a hand rubbed multilayer oil finish.… Read More

K-20 Pro Sporter by Krieghoff International

The K-20 Pro-Sporter features a similar high rib design that is offered on the K-80 Pro-Sporter. The higher rib and stock allows the shooter to keep their head in a more erect position, thereby increasing sight range, allowing for quicker target acquisition, reduced neck fatigue and perceived recoil. The high rib of the K-20 Pro-Sporter is easily adjustable.… Read More